Come and discover the essence and the energy of Occitania. Mystical, Generous, Extraordinary.
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Rennes le Chateau, its church and the Tower of Magdalena, the mystery of the Black Virgins of Saintes Maries de la Mer and Notre Dame of Marceille in Limoux, Rennes les Bains and the Roman baths, Alet les Bains where Nostradamus lived, the Peak of Bugarach and the prophecies of the last days, the hermitage of Galamus with the Rosicrucian and Masonic enigmas, Carcassonne and the Visigothic treasure, the Cathar castles and their famous treasure, the alchemical lands and menhirs of the Megalithic Civilization, the Green Labyrinth of Nebias and the sacred forests of the Celts and Druids….

The Guardians, the Alchemists, the Crusaders, the Holy Inquisition, the history of the Templars, the one of the Pure Men… interlaced destinations in a land that has remained intact and protected throughout the centuries.

Come and discover the essence and the energy of Occitanie. Mystical, Generous, Extraordinary.


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