The Game of Thrones Tour in Europe: Ireland, Iceland, Croatia and Malta. Your journey through the Seven Kingdoms has just begun..

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Welcome to Templars Travel. If your passion is the highly acclaimed TV series “Game of Thrones”, this is what you are looking for, to travel through Europe and see the incredible filming locations.
It is not a coincidence that this TV series has been considered one of the best of all time, therefore we are sure that if you are a passionate fan, you will have dreamed of being in the land of Dragons and Meta-Wolves and in the wild lands beyond the sea. To take in the castles and the atmosphere, the natural scenery and landscapes that brought Westeros and the Free Cities to life.
Now you can! In fact, our Game of Thrones Europe tour has 4 stages: Iceland, Ireland, Croatia, Malta. Our guides are true fans of the series.
Therefore, you can choose to visit one country, or do all stages within one year to receive a 5% discount on the published prices!
Whether you love the cold or the heat…. Winter is coming! Your journey to the Seven Kingdoms has just begun.



DISCLAIMER: Our tour is organized independently by the travel agency Templars Travel it, is not sponsored, approved or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with the TV series “Game of Thrones”.


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