TOUR GAME OF THRONES IN ICELAND, 2 DAYS, from 154.00 euros. Click in DESCRIPTION below to read the itinerary.




You will journey to the south of Iceland to find majestic landscape and nature chosen for the scenes of the popular GoT TV series. Get to know the symbolic significance of the setting in context to the plot:

  • Drogon the dragon hunts for goats. S4E06
  • The Hound and Brienne of Tarth fight for Arya Stark. (only visited during summer season). S4E10
  • The Bloody Gate. Lord Baelish (Little Finger) and Sansa Stark on the way to the Eyrie. S4E05
  • The Hound and Arya on the same route. S4E08
  • Wildlings and Thenns attack what is often called Olly’s farm/village. S4E03

The scenes at The Bloody Gate were filmed at Þingvellir National Park, a World Heritage Site where the Viking parliament was established. Various other scenes were filmed in that area, such as:

  • Wildlings roaming South of the Wall
  • Thenns and Wildlings meet in the canyon, Styr is introduced. S4E01
  • After leaving The Hound, Arya on her way to find a ship to Braavos. S4E10

Walk around the Settlement Era Viking Lodge in Þjórsárdalur valley where elaborate scenes were shot and a particularly hair raising massacre in the series took place.

If you’re a “veteran watcher” of the mythical “Game of Thrones” series, a drama as deep and dark as some of Iceland’s glacial lakes, you’ll love this tour that traces the footsteps of your favorite characters through the mysterious landscape of Iceland. 

DAY 2: Take advantage of being in the magical Iceland to make unforgettable excursions. You can choose:

  • go see the northern lights;
  • go to see waterfalls, geysers and tectonic cracks;
  • ride a Viking horse;
  • go see the whales;
  • and much more. Ask us the range of possibilities.

The Iceland Game of Thrones Tour is part of the European Game of Thrones Tour by Templars Travel.

PRICE: from 154 euros. It includes: expert guide and transportation for excursions, language: English / Spanish / Italian. Tell us your dates and we will quote you the accommodation.

DISCLAIMER: This tour is organized in independent way by the travel agency Templars Travel sl, is not sponsored, approved or affiliated with HBO or with anyone associated with the TV series “Game of Thrones”.