7 DAY TOUR – 6 NIGHTS in the South of France: € 917.

Discover the Land of the Celts of the South of France, the sacred forests and the menhirs of Nebias, learn the language of the Runes, learn about the life and rituals of the Druids, the first Alchemists and Geomancers



DAY 1: Arrival at hotel Rose des Pyrénées in Belvianes et Cavirac, in the South of France, in the Languedoc Roussillon Region, Aude department. Includes dinner.

DAY 2: Breakfast and visit to the Visit to the "Village Gaulois", ie the Gallo Village (Celtic) of Rieux-Volvestre. It is a site built in the contemporary era and inspired by how the Gauls lived, as reported by historical sources and traditions that have come down to us. We will see how the craftsmen work with the typical tools of the Celts. Lunch. Transfer to the hotel. Includes Dinner.

DAY 3: Breakfast and visit of Giant Abyss of Cabrespine. A unique cave, impressive for its size, is full of stalactites and stalagmites that create an authentic Natural Cathedral, for the vastness, beauty and solemnity that inspire. Lunch. Visit to the Dolmen Dos Fados (Dolmen of the Fairies). It is a monument of gigantic dimensions dated 3,500 a.c., built by the Megalithic Civilization. What was the function of this site? Funerary? Initiate? We'll find out together. Transfer to the hotel. Includes Dinner.

DAY 4: Breakfast. Course to learn to read the Runes. Each participant will be taught the sacred language of the Runes. Lunch and dinner at the hotel.

DAY 5: Breakfast. Transfer to the village of Nebias and walk through the sacred forest for the Celts. We will walk in the middle of centennial trees, visit the Green Labyrinth, and the Fairy Stone Galleries. We will feel the energy of the menhirs and the Guardians of this wonderful Nemeton, in connection with each other. Walk length: 4 km. Easy. Includes a packed lunch during the day. Transfer and dinner at the hotel.

DAY 6: Breakfast. The Celts and the stars, the Cosmic Calendar. Alchemy session in the Hall of La Maison Templiere. Lunch and dinner at the hotel.

DAY 7: Breakfast and end of our services.

Program may be subject to change.

PRICE: from 917 euros. Includes: accommodation in shared double room at the hotel Rose des Pyrénées in Belvianes and Cavirac, 2 days in full board, 4 days in half board, 2 box lunches, expert guides on the subject of Celts and Druids and Runes, Course of Runes and rudiments of Geomancy, visits to the places planned in the itinerary, entrance tickets to the places of the program. Travel insurance.

NOT INCLUDED: city tax and transport. The transport cost will be calculated on the basis of the number of participants.