We organise Special Trips to rediscover our time and the indescribable essence that is our soul. Travel with us, to discover with your own eyes and find what you are looking for.

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Travelling means going deeper into ourselves, exploring our limits, but also our roots, our memories, our evolution, our mission, our origin.

The lands of our Planet contain much more than a simple history: the footprints of all the civilizations that have inhabited them, the terrestrial and celestial magnetic vibrations, the architectures and geometries, the energies and the “lost” knowledge, are an invisible link that brings us to visit them.

Since 2011 until today, we have organized Special Trips in Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Teotihuacan, Chichen Itzá, Yucatan, Tikal, Nepal, Bali, Sinai, Egypt, Holy Land, Greece, Imperial Rome, the Pilgrimage of Compostela (French Way and Portuguese Way), the French Catara and Templar, Granada of the Catholic Monarchs and its charming Alhambra, Catalonia.

These are group trips, which involve people from different countries and cultures, where you can share your emotions and feelings or simply remain silent, learn new knowledge about ancient civilizations and yourself, awaken your cellular memory and close cycles.

If you want to personalize a destination as a spiritual tourism, write to us and we will send you our best proposals.

Travel with Templars Travel, to discover and find what you are looking for.​


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